The Semiotic Network

Digital, Visual, Global
Marketing Semiotics creates brand value by leveraging the power of cultural meanings to connect with consumers on three continents. Our network of seasoned professionals and international partners brings scope and depth to our approach and extends our reach to major markets worldwide. Our research competencies include strategic ethnography, design, digital media, creative strategy, and cultural branding.

Market Impact

Doing Semiotics
Marketing Semiotics: Signs, Strategies, and Brand Value is a guide to growing brand value by managing brand semiotics, i.e. the brand mythology, ethos, and cultural identity. Since the book’s publication, marketing semiotics theory and practice has achieved common currency in both professional and academic marketing circles.


New! Creating Value: The Theory and Practice of Marketing Semiotics Research.

Strategic Ethnography

Brands at the Edge of Culture
Semioticians use ethnography to read consumer response in relationship to the meanings communicated in their lived environment. Strategic ethnography provides a window onto the lives of consumers and aligns brand strategy to changes in consumer culture. It also exposes tensions between what people say and what they do, and reveals how consumers use brands to moderate these tensions.