Speaking Engagements

Laura Oswald is available for giving talks and workshops for businesses and faculty interested in learning more about semiotics based research and its applications to consumer research and brand management.

“Semiotics and Brand Management: Theory and Case Presentations.” Pfizer Corporation, New York, invited by Aditi Josh.

“Brand Literacy: How Chinese Affluents Read Western Advertising for Luxury Brands,” Xiamen University, Xiamen, the People’s Republic of China, invited by Professor Shendong Lin, Department of Advertising. January 2009.

“Post-Modern Methods in Cross-Cultural Research: Branding French Luxury in the People’s Republic of China,” Conference on Post-Modernism in Consumer Research, University of Illinois Business School, invited by Professor Cele Otnes, May 2009.

“The Social Ecology of Green Space in the Inner City,” the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ecologies of Consumption: Markets, Sustainability, and Consumer Culture Workshop, Urbana, Illinois, April 2008, invited by Professor Patrick Vargas.

“What Do Affluent Consumers Want? Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Luxury Consumption Trends,” Faculty presentation at the Doctoral Consortium of the European Association for Consumer Research Conference, Milan, July 2007, invited by Professor John Sherry.

“Branding Luxury in China: Results of Early Stage Research in the Luxury Market in Shanghai,” invited by Professor Huang, Fudan University, Shanghai, June 2007.

“Advanced Research Methods and Brand Strategy,” Columbia University Executive Education Program, Silicon Valley, March 30–31, 2004.

“Brand Strategy and Advertising Campaign Development,” intensive training session for MBA students at Nanyang Technological University, Republic of Singapore, September 2003.

“Where Does Your Brand Live?” Guest Speaker at the International Congress of Small Business Owners, Republic of Singapore, 2003.

“Using Advanced Qualitative Methods to Gauge Brand Perceptions in the New China Market,” invited by Tom Doctorow, J. Walter Thompson Advertising, Shanghai, September 20, 2001.

“Using Semiotics in Advertising Research,” presented to International MBA study body at Tonji University, Shanghai, invited by Professor Yao Ming, September 26, 2001.

“Corporate Sponsorship Programs: What We Know about High-End Volunteers,” invited by Sally Lombardo for the Walter Thompson research team, Detroit, Michigan, May 20, 2000.