Trend Research

Trend research is a unique facet of semiotics-based research that provides marketers with an snapshot of consumer culture as it relates to the brand, the target market, and the product category. It provides an efficient and economical means of providing cultural insights into marketplace behavior by combing through secondary texts from popular culture to find the underlying social and cultural codes that structure fashions, behaviors, preoccupations, and tensions in the marketplace.

Coca-Cola: Health and Fitness Trends.

Coca-Cola hired Marketing Semiotics to investigate the latest trends in diet, health, fitness, and food habits of Americans. We identified the social discourses on diet, fitness, and body image in the popular culture, including advertising, entertainment, and popular books. We supported findings with the writings of experts. Results: Findings led to new initiatives for health and fitness messages across company units.

J. Walter Thompson. Trends in American Culture.

Our trend study of the contemporary American family provided the cultural context for brand planning and creative strategy for a range of brands in the J. Walter Thompson portfolio. We tracked the evolution of norms, social relationships, and identity projects as they related to evolutions in consumer culture, technology, and advertising. By means of collage and video montage, we communicated the vivid contrasts between past and present interpretations of family for Americans and the ways these interpretations influence consumer behavior. We drew particular attention to the way these contrasts emerged in the popular culture, including popular TV shows, the self-help literature, advertising, and consumer technology. Findings had surprising implications for the ways marketers develop and promote products targeted to families.   “Branding the American Family” PDF.